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Vacancies each year

  • 8,000+ in Central Government jobs.
  • 10,000+ in State Government jobs.
  • 10,000+ in foreign countries.
  • Write your competitive exams with confidence and land a job with ease.
  • Be fully prepared for competitive exams - government, private and international.
  • All-in-one course for entering into various different posts.
  • Cover every topic in the INC syllabus with this course.
  • Build a strong theoretical foundation and improve your knowledge.
  • Enhance your learning & productivity with this highly-structured course.
  • Receive a quality learning experience with our interactive, engaging teaching methods.

The Nurses Competitive Examination Course will cover all topics required for various nursing recruitment examinations, per the INC syllabus.

Be fully prepared for competitive exams for various Central and State Govt. jobs, Community Health Officer (CHO), Public Health Nurse (PHN), NCLEX-RN, CRNE, IIOH, HAAD & more.

This course will prepare you for various posts - Nursing Officer, Senior Nursing Officer, Nursing Tutor, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, Assistant Professor, PhD candidates.

Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced in nursing education and clinical practice.

The high-quality, engaging lectures with photos, videos and other multimedia content will improve your medical knowledge.

You can view these videos unlimited times during the subscription period.

Each topic will have mock tests and MCQs for self-assessment and feedback.

You will also receive downloadable notes and practice questions to revise anywhere, anytime. The notes will include all questions previously asked in nursing recruitment exams.

Unit - 1. Introduction to Microbiology
Unit - 2. Sterilization and Disinfection
Unit - 3. Culture Medium
Unit - 4. Infection
Unit - 5. Carriers
Unit - 6. Immunity
Unit - 7. Defence Mechanism
Unit - 8. Antibodies
Unit - 9. Hypersensitivity and Blood Grouping
Unit - 10. Bacteria
Unit - 11. Viruses
Unit - 12. Prions and Covid
Unit - 1. Macronutrients
Unit - 2. Micronutrients
Unit - 3. Various Food Categories
Unit - 1. Lab Specimen,Patient Positions,Diagnostic Tools
Unit - 2. Heat and Cold Application, Body Mechanism
Unit - 3. Diarrhea and Constipation and Body Mechanism
Unit - 4. Blood Transfusion
Unit - 5. Unconscious (GCS) and Dying Patient
Unit - 6. Pre and Post Operative Nursing
Unit - 1. Basics of Fluids and Electrolytes
Unit -2. Fluid Volume Deficit and Excess
Unit -3. Electrolyte Imbalance
Unit - 1. Cells
Unit - 2. Cell Divisions
Unit - 3. Tissues
Unit - 4. Genetics
Unit - 1. Hematology_Anatomy Physiology and Diagnostic Evolution
Unit - 2. Hematology_Disease Condition
Unit - 1. Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 2. Diagnostic Evaluation
Unit - 3. Other Investigation
Unit - 4. Disease Condition
Unit - 5. Pharmacology
Unit - 1. Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 2. Diagnostic Evolution and Terminologies
Unit - 3. Respiratory Procedures
Unit - 4. Disease Condition
Unit - 5. Pharmacology
Unit - 1. Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 2. Diagnostics Evolution
Unit - 3. Disease Condition
Unit - 4. Pharmacology
Unit - 1. Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 2. Disease Condition
Unit - 1. Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 2. Disease Condition
Unit - 01 . Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 02 . Diagnostic Evaluation and Terminologies
Unit - 03 . Disease Condition
Unit - 04 . Related Interventions
Unit - 01 . Anatomy and Physiology
Unit - 02 . Diagnostic Evaluation and Terminologies
Unit - 03 . Terminologies
Unit - 04 . Disease Condition
Unit - 05 . Pharmacology
  • BSc Nursing
  • MSc Nursing
  • GNM
  • You can subscribe for the course at any time of the year.
  • Duration: 140 hours
  • Online recorded lectures.
  • Practice questions and mock tests.
  • Downloadable notes, practice questions and past-paper questions.
  • Immediate access to course contents on enrollment.
  • The course fee is ₹14000.00 inclusive of 18% GST.

Certificates will only be given on completion of required coursework.

Course Fee:

Price : ₹15,000/- incl 18% GST

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Note: the course fee is excluding GST. 18% GST shall be paid on course fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

All subjects for BSc Nursing course as per INC guidelines.

There will be NO refund of any part of the fee after submission, even if the candidate chooses not to join the course or discontinue in between due to any reason. The fee will NOT be transferred to another candidate's account if any candidate wishes to do so. In case of any unusual circumstance, the decision of the governing body will be final and binding to everyone.

Dispute settlement – The venue of the arbitration will be Bangalore and the Indian laws will be applicable. The Bangalore court alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudication in case of any dispute.

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