Fellowship In Allergy Asthma Procedures

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Start Date

Feb 11th, 12th, 13th, 2024

Course Duration

6 Months

No. of Students

Limited seats 25 ONLY



Why should you do this course?

a) Allergy Asthma speciality involves several procedures that needs to be conducted by the trained Specialists.

b) An opportunity to learn the scientific back ground of all the allergy procedures from best faculty across world.

c) An opportunity to learn & implement allergy asthma procedures in your practices.

d) Very few trained allergy specialists conducting all the procedures in India.

Fellowship in Allergy Asthma Procedures is the Next level of Allergy Training Taking into consideration the needs of allergy specialists in India, we have developed a 6 month certified course for doctors who have basic qualification such as DAA, DPAA, Allergy Asthma Specialist Course (AASC) and Practising Allergy.

The course has been designed by 18 internationally acclaimed allergy & immunology experts from India, the USA and Singapore - all of who are from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, University of Colorado, Mt. Sinai, National University of Health Singapore, Christian Medical College Vellore, and more.

This Course focuses mostly on the Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures in Allergy practice,

In Diagnostic Procedures - Skin Prick test, Serological Testing, Component-based diagnostic testing, Spirometry, Forced Oscillation technique, FENO, Oral food Challenge, Oral Drug Challenge, etc

In Therapeutic Procedures – Sublingual immunotherapy, Subcutaneous immunotherapy, Biologicals, Anaphylaxis Management, etc

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Allergy Asthma Procedure Course
  • Importance of procedures in allergy Practice.
  • Eligibility, Need, Set up, Risk, Consents, Emergency Cart and Management, Reporting etc.
  • MODULE 2 - Principles of Diagnostic tests
  • Sensitivity, Specificity, Accuracy, Precision, Positive and Negative Predictive values, Confidence Interval.
  • Brief discussion on analytical variables: Role of pre testing, intra testing and post testing in relation to Clinical outcomes.
  • MODULE 3 - In Vitro diagnosis: Allergy
  • CBC,TEC,Total lgE,Specific lgE,CRD,Serum Tryptase,Tissue Eosinophils,Complement 4 levels in Angioedema, C1 esterase inhibitors Quantitative and Qualitative in Angioedema.
  • MODULE 4 - Diagnosis of Allergy & Asthma
  • Part A - Allergy Skin Testing,Nasal Eosinophils, Sputum Eosinophils, Peripheral Eosinophils, s lgE Nasal Provocation challenge.
  • Part B - Asthma: Peak Expiratory Flow Rate, Spirometry, Pulse Oscillometry, FeNO, Exercise testing.
  • Part C - Radiology: Sinus and Chest X rays, CT Sinuses and Chest, MRI Sinuses.
  • Part D - Rhinolaryngoscopy.
  • MODULE 5 - Food Allergy
  • Introduction on Food Allergy-Epidemiology, symptoms, types.
  • Diagnosis of lgE mediated Food Allergy- with emphasis oh SPT, Specific lgE including emphasis of CRD, intro on OFC.
  • Diagnosis of Non lg E mediated FA= emphasis on CM, wheat and EoE.
  • Oral food challenge in detail for about.
  • MODULE 6 - Urticaria
  • Ice cube test, Dermographism, Pressure Urticaria test, Tests for Cholinergic Urticaria, CD 203 assay, ASST, Skin Biopsy, ANA & Panel.
  • MODULE 7 - Drug Allergy
  • History, Skin testing, slgE Graded oral Challenge Drug Desensitization, Delabelling, Vaccine Allergy.
  • MODULE 8 - Patch Testing
  • Practical Demonstration of Patch Test
  • MODULE 9 - Sinusitis
  • Acute and Chronic Sinusitis, Classification of Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Irrigation, Treatment
  • MODULE 1 - Allergen lmmunotherapy
  • Extract preparation lab SCIT - SLIT - AIT administration Precautions.
  • MODULE 2 - Biological & Newer therapies
  • Omalizumab, Mepolizumab, Dupilumab, Benzarilumab, Reslizumab, Gamma Globulin Therapy (IV,SQ), Replacement therapy (C1Q Inhibitor) and new drugs for HAE.
  • MODULE 3 - Environmental Control, Pest Control, Air Cleaners
  • Dust Mites, Cockroach, Cat, Dog, Rodents, Molds, indoor pollutants, VOCs, Perfumes and irritants.
  • MODULE 4 - Insect Allergy
  • Hymenoptera, Skin Testing, s lgE, Specific lmmunotherapy program, precautions c;1,ring lmmunotherapy, Avoidance measures, Re-sting challenge tapering off AIT program;, Value of Serum Tryptase.
  • MODULE 5 - Controversial Procedures in Allergy
  • Introduction, Unconventional Theories of Allergic Disease, Multiple Food and Chemical Sensitivities: Idiopathic Environmental intolerance Candida Hypersensitivity Syndrome.
  • MODULE 6 - Anaphylaxis Identification and Management
  • Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis, Grading of Anaphylaxis, Management of Anaphylaxis, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, using Defibrillators.
  • MODULE 7 - Principles of Pharmacotherapeutics ,Vaccine Allergy
  • Allergy Medicines, Selection, Timing, Duration, Outcome measurement, Precision medicine in Allergy.
  • MODULE 8 - Severe Atopic Dermatitis
  • Application of the Skin Ointment, Lotion, Cream, Moisturizers.
  • MODULE 9 - Selection and usage of Inhaled Medications
  • Inhaled Nasal Spray, Eye drops, Inhaled Medications in Asthma.
  • 30+ Case Presentation.
  • 5+ Monthly Assessment Test.
  • 10+ Online Contact Session.
  • Completed DAA -Diploma in Allergy and asthma Or DPAA - Diploma in Pediatric Allergy Asthma or AASC - Allergy Asthma Specialist Course


    Equivalent International Certification with at least 1 year of Experience.


    Should be Practicing Allergy.

    • The course starts on February 11th, 2024.
    • Duration: 6 months.
    • 35+ Online recorded interactive lectures.
    • Online assignment for every lecture.
    • Online live discussions and case presentations once in 15 days.
    • Personal contact session (PCS) – 6 Days Session
    • The course begins with 3 Days of Training on practical procedures like Skin Prick Test, Prick Prick Test, Intra-dermal Test, Patch Test, Specific IgE – ImmunoCAP Assay, CRD- (Molecular Based Diagnosis), Rhino-laryngoscopy, Spirometry, PEFR, IOS-Forced Oscillation Technique, FENO, and Respiratory Devices, Oral Food Challenge and Oral Drug Challenge, Acute Anaphylaxis Management, SLIT, and SCIT Preparation.
    • The Course ends with 3 Days of PCS (2 days of Revision/Essential training and 1 day of Exit Exam – Theory & Practical).
    • 25 students only*.
    • The course fee is ₹ 95,000 + 18% GST. The fees include the following,

      • Tuition Fee.
      • Personal Contact Session Fee.
      • Examination Fee.
      • One Allergy Asthma Assitant Course (For Paramedic) that includes a 2-month Online Course + 2 days of Hands-on Training will be free to every doctor joining the FAAP.
      • Subject to approval.

    Certificates will only be given on completion of required coursework and on passing the examinations.

    Course Fee:

    Rs. 95,000.00 + 18% GST

    Course Fee will be accepted module wise of INR.65100 , INR.47100

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    During the first PCS, you need to bring the following documents in original for verification. In case of non-availability of originals due to any reason, certified copies (by either Medical Superintendent of a Government hospital or Principal/Head of Department of post-graduation medical college/ hospital) may be considered. Documents need to be verified on the first day of the start of the course at the reception desk. No originals or copies are required to be submitted. The documents needed for verification are:

    • MBBS degree certificate
    • Post-graduate degree/diploma certificate
    • Current valid Medical council registration certificate (Center or State)
    • Current valid passport (Both original & self-attested copy) - only for international candidates

    It will be mandatory for all the enrolled candidates to follow the course curriculum guidelines completely, failing which either their candidature may be cancelled or they will be not allowed to appear in the exit exam. The decision by FAAP governing body will be final and binding to all in this regard.

    Attendance at the PCS is mandatory for appearing in the final exit exam. If due to certain circumstances, any candidate is unable to attend any PCS, then he/she is supposed to attend the same PCS with the next batch to be eligible for appearing in the final exit exam (next year after completion of all the PCS).

    All sessions are planned as per the availability of faculties, teaching rooms, and other logistics. Once decided, PCS dates will NOT change due to any candidate’s personal request. Dates might change in a rare instance, depending upon the logistics for conducting the sessions. The decision by FAAP governing body will be final and binding to all in this regard. Exit exam - The exit exam will be conducted during 2nd PCS session only. . Minimum of 60% marks in both theory and practice will be required (independently) for passing the exit exam. Assignments will have predefined weightage in the final exam. The final exam will be evaluated by both Indian & International faculties.

    There is NO separate exam fee for the candidates enrolled in the same academic batch. If a candidate needs to appear for the exit exam in subsequent batch after enrollment due to any reason (including the inability to attend any PCS or clear the exit exam in scheduled time or others), he/she is supposed to submit the LATE EXIT EXAM FEE (5000/- INR for Indian nationals ).

    There will be NO refund of any part of the fee after submission, even if the candidate chooses not to join the course or discontinue in between due to any reason. The fee will NOT be transferred to another candidates account if any candidate wishes to do so. In case of any unusual circumstance, the decision of the FAAP governing body will be final and binding to everyone.

    Convocation - Successful candidates will be awarded the certificate of the “Fellowship in Allergy Asthma Procedures” by Med-Train, IAS, and Bharati Vidyapeeth and endorsed by University of Colorado, Center for Global Health(Colorado school of public health), America Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology.

    Dispute settlement - The venue of the arbitration will be Bangalore and the Indian laws will be applicable. The Bangalore court alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudication in case of any dispute.

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    • Expert international faculty from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, University of Colorado, Mount Sinai, NUH Singapore, CMC Vellore, and more.
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    • Live sessions to engage with the faculty.
    • Interactive learning through engaging multimedia content for the lectures, case studies, group discussions, assignments, and presentations.
    • Individual performance evaluation.
    • Dedicated 1:1 mentoring during and after the course.
    • Certification from esteemed national and international organizations.

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